Alicia Ezat was born in New York City in 1987. As a very active child, she was introduced to Tae Kwon Do at the age of 6 which soon consumed her life. Training on a daily basis under World Champion John Chung, she acquired her first degree black belt. Being short a few weeks from acquiring her second degree black belt, she realized that although martial arts was her passion, her reality of defending herself as a young girl against a man who was stronger, quicker, and bigger could not happen.

In second grade, she played competitive soccer and in college she acquired a scholarship playing for the Queens College Knights. In her second year in college, she briefly learned some Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu. However, she still didn’t feel the confidence needed in order to defend herself when being confronted by an attacker.

In August 2011, she met Harry Glick and little did she know that what she had desired and prayed for would soon turn into reality.

Through Harry Glick’s Reality Based Self Defense Star System, she now knows the keys to defending herself and her loved ones in any confrontation, albeit, that knowledge is miniscule to the confidence, empowerment, love and appreciation for life and living that Harry has given her.