Ray Kim was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1979.

Throughout his life he has always been physically active playing sports and practicing marital arts. From elementary through high school he was involved in different sports including baseball, football, soccer, track, tennis and basketball. He started learning martial arts from family at a young age but formally started at an academy at the age of 10. He received his 4th dan in taekwondo and black belt in Ju jitsu.

During his journey exploring the arts he had the opportunity to train with some world class teachers including Grandmaster Y H Park (taekwondo), Grandmaster J S Yu (taekwondo and hapkido) and boxing trainer Coach Craig Gibson. But the person who he considers his greatest teacher, friend, father, mentor and brother is Master Harry Glick.

What Ray learned from Master Glick keeps him safe every day in his career in law enforcement. Before starting this career Ray owned a martial arts school and was blessed to have met Master Glick in 2006.

Ever since then he has been learning from Master Glick and looks forward to every class like it was their first class together. He wishes to share all that he has learned from this true Master of martial arts and he knows it would not be right to keep all this knowledge secret.