Rimon Reshef was born in Israel in 1961, and at the age of 10.5 came to New York with his family. He initially lived in Corona, and learned English through immersion. He soon joined the Boy Scouts, and was very active for several years. In Junior High School he stared playing the Tenor Saxophone, and then continued onto John Bowne High School in Flushing, where he became very active in the band and various talent shows. After graduating Bowne in 1979 he started attending Queens College, where he played varsity volleyball, and also started learning Tae Kwon Do. From 1984 to 1987 he served a short stint with the IDF, then worked as a care-taker of a class of 10 year olds in Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev which is where his father’s family is from, as well as a couple of management jobs back in NY.

In July of 1987 together with his parents he bought into a Kwik Kopy Printing Franchise and although the communications industry has changed dramatically over the years, he’s still very much involved in it at an expanded capacity to include web development and design, as well as social media and other types of digital and traditional marketing.

He’s been a very active volunteer Firefighter for over 22 years with the New Hyde Park FD, and after meeting Harry in 2008, started training with and learning from him as of the December of 2010.

Over the years Harry taught him many things, both on and off the mat. Initially, it was mostly reality self-defense based, but in time the teachings expanded to everyday life skills, and how physical conditioning, yoga and meditation enhance and enrich both the physical body as well as the spiritual being.